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Inherited IRAs Now Available To Creditors In Bankruptcy

A few weeks ago, we spoke about the relatively unknown estate planning tool called the IRA Trust ( We mentioned the significant tax and estate planning...

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Medicare May Pay Doctors For End-of-Life Planning With Patients

“End-of-life” planning, or “advanced care” planning, generally is reserved for discussions between family members and their loved ones, but may sometimes include an attorney. These discussions center around decisions for artificial life support, “pull the plug”...

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Guardianship and The Right to Marry: What is the Standard?

The right to marry is a fundamental civil right that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution and, more specifically, protected under the civil right to enter into contracts (as marriage is seen as a contract between two people governed by the state). However,...

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Privacy in a Nursing Home?

Generally, when a patient checks into a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, etc., they are under the impression that their medical condition, appearance, behavior, and recovery will be free from intrusion and unwanted visitors. For the most part, no one...

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Buy A Boat, Get A Lemon – Legal Tips for Summer Purchases

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, which means that Summer is right around the corner! As weather warms up, people tend to often make “Summer purchases” – boats, jet skis, beach houses, etc. However, when buying these objects from either a dealer or private individual, there...

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